Mental Health Resources in Canada |

Mental Health Resources in Canada

Muslim Helpline Numbers


Contact: +1 (866) 627-3342


Services: Free, confidential peer-to-peer counselling; web-therapy with licensed professional.

NISA Helpline

Helpline: +1 (888) 315-NISA 6472


Services: Free, confidential peer-to-peer counselling for women. 

Shelter for Muslim Women & Children

NISA Homes

Helpline: +1 (888) 456-8043 |


Services: Provides shelters, financial assistance, counselling, case work, resources,and spiritual support.


Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton

British Columbia: Vancouver

Ontario: Mississauga, Scarborough, Windsor

Sakeenah Homes

Contact: +1(888)-671-3446 |


Services: Provides shelters, financial assistance, counselling, case work, safety and sustainability planning, and cultural sensitivity training.


Ontario: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Ottawa, London

Free Legal Services

Legal Aid ON

Contact: 1‑800‑668‑8258 |


Services: Provides affordable/free legal aid for family legal issues, domestic violence, mental health legal issue, refugee and immigration legal issues, criminal legal issues, and legal clinics.

Locations: (every province has its own Legal Aid program):

Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon

Canadian Council of Muslim Women

Contact: +(647) 622-2221 |


Services: CCMW’s Legal Services Coordination Program provides culturally-appropriate legal services coordination for Canadian Muslim women seeking legal advice and counsel on family law issue shelters at an affordable/free rate.

Muslim Community Counselling Services

ICNA Relief Canada

Helpline: +1 (905) 858-1067 |


Services: Specializes in pre-marital and marriage counselling, comprehensive family support, anger management, stress/time management, anxiety, depression, and settlement counselling.

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

South Asian Community Health Services 

Contact: +1 (647) 718-0786 |


Services: Specializes in mental health, addictions, violence, anger management, stress management, group and individual counselling, couples and marriage counselling.

Location: Brampton, Ontario

Muslim Social Services KW

Contact: +1 (519) 772-4399 |


Services: Specializes in trauma, abuse, grief, loss, anxiety, depression, couple and relationships, addictions and recovery, self-esteem and confidence issues, family violence.

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Crisis Intervention and Counselling Services

Khalil Center

Crisis hotline: +1 (185) 55–ELPKC


Services: Specializes in Traditional Islamically Integrated Psychotherapy (TIIP), individual counseling, premarital coaching, crisis consultation and intervention.


Toronto, Mississauga (online service available)

Muslim Community Services

Contact: +1 (905) 790-1910

Website: ​​

Services: Specializes in crisis intervention, emotional and supportive counselling, safety planning, transitional support, developing short and long term goals, educational support groups for women, advocacy and assistance with legal issues, referrals to community resources, senior connection program.


Mississauga and Brampton

Muslim Resource Center and Social Services

Contact: +1 (519) 672-6000 |


Services: Specializes in individual counselling, social support for families, community engagement, training and skills development, family programs in Arabic focusing on parenting skills, children’s life skills and family skills training course, group intervention program for men, research and knowledge mobilization.

Location: London, Ontario

Canadian Muslim Counselling

Contact: +1 888-229-0262 |


Services: Specializes in individual counselling, premarital and marital counselling, family counselling, religious/spiritual consultations, anger management, depression/anxiety, OCD and phobias, major life challenges, group therapy, community engagement, workshop and presentations on mental health issues.

Location: Remote

Muslim Mental Health Practitioners

Muslim Mental Health


Services: A search tool for finding Muslim mental health practitioners across Canada

Concentric Care



Services: Specializes in individual, couples and family psychotherapy.

Location: Brampton (online service available)


Contact: +1 (289) 242-9229 |


Services: Specializes in psychotherapy, pre-marital preparation, couples therapy, parenting support, depression, anxiety, stress management, PTSD, panic attacks, and sleep problems.

Location: Mississauga (online service available)


Contact: +1 (437) 333-WELL 9355 |


Services: Specializes in individual, couples and families counselling.

Location: Downtown Toronto (online service available)

Mental Health and Addiction Counseling

Center for Addiction Mental Health

Contact: +1 (416) 535-8501 ext. 33202 |


Services: Specializes in mental health and addiction support with a wide range of clinical care services for patients of all ages and their families. 

Locations: Multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Area

This resource guide was compiled by Sumayya Khan and Zahirah Lynn Eppard with support from and is current as of August 10, 2022.

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