Helping children learn better |

Helping children learn better

Culturally, we have evolved into conducting a way of life which leaves our children's education in the hands of others rather than ourselves. In this challenging society, we as Muslim parents need to bring ourselves closer to our children. The best teacher a child can have is his or her own parent.

Take some time out, everyday.

Everyday there should be some time allocated towards learning with the children. Do not allow life to rush by without spending some quality time learning with your children.

Sending a child to an Islamic school is not enough. Parents must assume the responsibility of nurturing their children's souls and of keeping them on the path of Islam. Institutions and educational materials can help us but can never replace us.

Helping children in the learning process:

* Constant encouragement and positive reinforcement strengthen the child's growth and skill:

"Very good Salma, I am really impressed!"

"Good Job. I am very proud of you!"

"Allah has blessed you with a lot of talent!"

* Never put down or discourage a child during the learning process. Avoid statements like:

"Why can't you understand?"

"I can't believe you are taking this long!"

* Never show signs of frustration or impatience.

* Begin and end your session with your children with happiness and a positive attitude. Never make your learning time together an experience which will make the child dislike doing it the next time.

* Show genuine interest in the child and his/her education.

* Be as interactive as possible. Don't lecture the child. Instead, constantly listen to him/her to find out what they are thinking inside.

May Allah help us to raise our children so that they may be the best in His sight and the best in this world. Ameen!

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