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Halloween: A sample letter from a parent to a teacher

October 12, 2014

Dear Ms. Griffin:

Greetings of peace. I am the mother of Ali Syed, who is in your fourth grade class.

Ali has benefited greatly from your teaching so far this year, and I hope he continues to do so.

I would like to bring to your attention the issue of Halloween and Ali's involvement in class activities relating to the occasion.

As you have organized a class Halloween party for October 31, I would like to inform you that Ali will not attend this activity. He will be absent the day it is held.

This is not meant to exclude him from activities with his peers, since he will continue in other class exercises as usual. Rather, due to the nature of Halloween, its origins and its connection to non-Islamic beliefs and practices, Ali's participation will compromise his beliefs and principles as a Muslim.

I would like to meet with you to discuss and seek your advice on further issues surrounding class celebrations and holidays, so that Ali and students of other religious backgrounds can fully participate in your class while maintaining their beliefs and principles.

I would appreciate it if you would kindly contact me so that we may set up a meeting this week or next week to further discuss this matter. You may call me at (123) 555-7890 in the daytime or (123) 555-3456 in the evenings.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and attention.


Memuna Al-Khabyyr


I we cannot accept the other cultures and beliefs why we immigrate we have to stay back home and practice our belief, also why Canadian or other nations have to accept and respect our culture? 



I'm so glad I found this letter. I'm going to use it. I allow my children to dress up every day if they want and they get candy every once in a while but not in Halloween. Because we strongly dislike this celebration as Christians. Thank you


Arlington Virginia

My kids were in lower grades and used to go to this event at school only because simply i thought its fun for kids and not anything else, but I did not shop for them maybe once or twice, it is nice to be with other mates only nothing else, but since you say it is not recommended if they were younger i will not let them share in this event i am sure of that.



I truly agree with the mother for writing an eye opening letter . Alhumdolillah, the message has been conveyed very well showing that there is no pressure of the society if one has complete confidence in himself and his faith.



I never saw this Halloween as little fun for children. It is an extra burden and spending for the child and the family. Good business for those who make money. Extra burden and pollution on mother nature. Must shut down the factoreis that make costumes and candies to reduce global warming.



I am a muslim mother..my children attended public schools. There class celebrate halloween parties..They decorate pumpkins and so forth. What is wrong with a child enjoying dressing up as a super hero having a pretend day. I do not see it as worship of any other religion but as passing out candy and dressup. The theme is trick or treat. My sisters and there families all gather at my house. We have coffee sit outside admire the many differnt costumes and pass out candy. Also, when our celebration of Eid..I take treats for the kids and describe our celebation of our Eid to the 30 kids in my childs classroom. The teacher allows for my child to share his strong religious beliefs and culture. Sometimes its nice to pretend and have a little fun. We are muslims and have a strong islamic faith...La illaha il la allah


rancho cucamonga

salam sister

I think the idea here is of the nonislamic beliefs attached to halloween. Yes the event itself is dressing up and handing out candy...both which are perfectly halal....but to do this in the name of Halloween is not acceptable as it means you are accepting this pagan festival....the very paiganism that the teachings of Islam are total opposite of. As muslims we adhere to the Quran and Sunnah strictly, anything other than this we avoid....its very simple. ..did the prophet SAW do it? If so..great. If not..leave it. This way we keep the een pure in its teachings. we should channel this energy by teaching our own deen to our lovelies.

love, respect and peace x

just amazing letter , i just send one like it to my son's teacher , thank you so much for helping me



I am not Muslim, but I do oppose the evil that brought about Halloween. As a child I was not permitted to join in such 'celebrations' at school (Easter, Christmas, Halloween parties), but I have never seen it handled as well as the models given here. The letter to the teacher is a wonderful idea! Great job!


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