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A short reading list on American politics and Muslim-Jewish relations

 First Gathering of European Muslim and Jewish leaders in Brussels, December 2010

American politics and political process

1. Parenti, Michael, Democracy for the few. Bedford Books: 1995 (An alternative interpretation of the practice and institutional arrangements of the American political system and a critical review of policy issues; of special interest is chapter on elections, parties and voters).

2. Burns, Peltason and Cronin, Government by the People. Prentice Hall College: 2000. (A standard, conventional study of the American politics, elections and political parties)

Reform Agenda

1. Steuerle, Gramlich, Heclo and Nightingale, The Government We Deserve. Urban Institute: 1998 (An incisive critique of domestic policies and a roadmap for reforms)

2. Crotty, William ed., Post-Cold War Policy: The Social and Domestic Context. Burnham Inc: 1995 (Collection of 15 essays deal with the reform agenda for the next century)

Minorities' Participation

1. Zweigenhaft, Richard and Domhoff, Jews in the Protestant Establishment

2. Zweigenhaft, Richard and Domhoff, Blacks in the white Establishment, Yale University Press: 1991

Muslim-Jewish Relations

1. Lewis, Brenard, Jews of Islam. Princeton University Press: 1987

2. Harvey, L.P., Islamic Spain. University of Chicago Press: 1992

3. Hirschberg,J.W. and E. Bashan, R. Attal (eds.), A History of Jews in North Africa. Brill Academic Publishers: 1997

4, Epstein, Mark, The Ottoman Jewish Communities

5. Shaw, Stanford, The Jews of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic. New York University Press: 1993


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