A sample press release about the war on Iraq

Baath Party headquarters in Baghdad

The media in your city will be looking for local Muslim reaction to the war on Iraq in the coming days. A press release, issued as soon as possible, can not only help them get your points across in a clear and well thought-out manner, but it can also be a way to alert local media that you are ready to be interviewed.

You can use the sample press release below and adapt it to the needs of your mosque or Islamic center by sending it on your official letterhead. Also, if you call a press conference, you can present the points listed in the release.

Please note: if any incident of harassment or violence happens at your mosque or center, or to any Muslim in your administration or neighborhood, please call a press conference immediately and inform the media about it. It is critical that the public sees the backlash so that something can be done about it.


We, the members of the Islamic Center of (fill in your center or Masjid's name) pray for peace and express our opposition to the war on Iraq, along with members of many other faith groups, particularly the Christian community in America.

We are concerned about this unilateral action which is being taken without the support of NATO , the United Nations, and the majorities of almost all countries around the world.

We fear that this war will make us, Americans, once again, targets of hate and terrorism.

We pray that Muslim countries and citizens of these countries will take concrete measures to protect Christian minorities living in their midst from attacks by those who will seek to blame innocent citizens for American foreign policy.

Finally, we expect our police and law enforcement officials to be vigilant and professional when dealing with the expected increase of attacks on Muslim citizens, immigrants, brown-skinned individuals, mosques, and Muslim institutions in America.

May God guide and protect us all. May He have mercy on us and all people around the world who are suffering. May God grant peace and justice to our world and heal our hearts.


"Baath Party Headquarters, Baghdad (3148598572)" by SSGT CHERIE A. THURLBY, USAF (see metadata) - Ba'ath Party Headquarters, BaghdadUploaded by JoJan. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Baath_Party_Headquarters,_Baghdad_(3148598572).jpg#mediaviewer/File:Baath_Party_Headquarters,_Baghdad_(3148598572).jpg

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