Yes, Sound Vision Is STILL Producing Adam’s World Videos! |

Yes, Sound Vision Is STILL Producing Adam’s World Videos!

It is fairly common that children of all ages are engaging in some way or another with digital devices. While parents of younger children should be more apprehensive about it due to potential harm to health, connecting our children online is all about making mindful choices, and exploring areas that can benefit their learning and development. 

At the recent ICNA Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, there was much evidence that Muslim parents are consistently looking for top-quality resources for themselves and their children. Many booths featured children’s books, home decor with Islamic guidance, Islamic schools and curricula designed for homeschooling, programming for young children and young adults, community centers in all parts of the U.S. and Canada, and more.

While important as stand-alone resources, these supports are also designed to deflect the deluge of materials and messages that bombard our children every day, especially on digital platforms. That is why it is important to keep the good stuff – content that is wholesome and focuses on Islamic values – close at hand. That is where the Sound Vision Foundation started more than 30 years ago. And we continue to work to fill those needs.

Adam’s World App 

Generations of Muslim children have grown up on the popular puppet series that stars Adam and his little sister Aneesah. Sound Vision developed the programming over 30 years ago and adults consistently talk about the importance of learning about Islam from this dynamic duo when they were children. And now they can pass it along to their own children! 

The organization has made both classic videos and new Adam’s World videos available 24/7 on a convenient app. The lessons are timeless and keep inspiring children and adults alike to learn about Islam and apply it to daily life. The app is available at a low subscription price and new content is continuing to be developed. There is also a bank of beautiful nasheeds by Dawud WharnsbyThere are also worksheets to supplement learning, parenting tips, and resources for teachers.

Adam’s World Academy 

Whether you’re looking for an Islamic edutainment series or online classes for your children, Adam’s World Academy provides a host of offerings for various age groups. In fact, the entire family gets to benefit! Starting from as young as 4 and catering for up to 12-year-olds, a team of creative educators works cohesively to plan, organize and deliver engaging content in the form of a series of classes, namely Adams World Club (for 4-7 yr olds) and Colors of Islam (for 8-12 yr olds). The online classes run on a semester basis and focus on basic Islamic guidance that helps students to love Allah and His prophets, learn about our religion, and to be proud of their Muslim identities. 

Next in the lineup is a live online course called Take Me to the Kaaba: A Hajj Journey. The class consists of five 1-hour sessions approach learning about the 5th pillar of Islam through all five senses and starts on Monday, June 10, 2024. Hosts will use stories, art projects, nasheeds, duaas, to engage students, increase their knowledge and understanding, and make them eager to make the Hajj journey themselves. 

Sound Vision is also putting the finishing touches on its six-week online 2024 Summer Camp. Each week, four pre-recorded videos are released on topics of interest to students ages:

  • Knowing Allah through His Creation
  • Nurturing Creativity
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Muslim Inventions that Changed the World

On Fridays, summer camp students are invited to attend a live session at two different times to encourage students to engage directly with their teachers, share what they have learned, and make connections with children like themselves from all over the world.

More pre-recorded single courses also make it easy for families worldwide to learn in the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Stay tuned for upcoming programs that are focused on Sound Vision's mission to raise better Muslims, better neighbors, and better citizens.


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