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Why we are going to the Million Family March

The idea of marches on Washington to get the government's attention, along with raising the general public's consciousness about issues, is now decades old but the gravity of the state of society is new.

Americans of all religions have marched for rights for veterans of war, the rights of children, human rights and other issues involving justice.

On October 16, 2000, a million families will march to try to ensure that we will have a tomorrow.

As Muslims, we will join this march because we are also concerned citizens and know that the state of the nation affects us as much as other Americans. Islam stands for justice and commands us to speak out against injustice and that is what this march is all about.

We are witnessing the complete erosion of representative government. We have ceased to be an informed electorate.

A significant number of Americans are functionally illiterate, morally confused and politically asleep. We are, during our hiatus from awareness, permitting a small number of people to run this country. If any community has drugs, teenage pregnancies, burglaries, guns and death, all communities have them. It does not matter where we live; we are surrounded by immorality and death.

The only real difference between George Bush and Al Gore will be whether or not they engage the issues of the people of this country after they have been forced to listen.

The Million Family March is presenting an agenda that any Muslim could agree with and we want to show our support as we hope other Muslims will.

As Muslims we live in the United States free to practice Islam but have not shown this nation what Islam stands for in terms of values.

We have protested and sued only when negative situations involve Muslims. We have not shown any concern for the well-being of this country or its citizens.

It is time that we join the rest of the citizenry or in the future when we cry out against an injustice to Muslims; no one will listen. This is why we are going to the Million Family March.

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