Video review: "Adam's World 10: The Humble Muslim"

What started off as a joke on Adam by his friend Asad becomes a lesson in humility after a bout of arrogance - and a change in hairstyle.

The Humble Muslim reminds us who is really the greatest and the best - Allah. It also drives home the importance of humility in a Muslim's life.

While testing a machine that can change voices, Asad calls Adam and pretends to be a member of a fan club devoted to Adam. But when Asad tries to explain later in the call that he was kidding, Adam's mind is already somewhere else - he's already dreaming about how great he is.

This sudden change in perception leads him to thoughts of how to improve his image: a new hairdo (hint: it may remind you of your dad, brother or husband in the 1970s) is in order. And a new attitude.

This "new and improved" Adam does more than raise eyebrows though. He starts treating his baby sister Aneesah, as well as Asad with arrogance. Adam doesn't just reserve this attitude to his sister and close friend though. He also treats a guest on his talk show with disrespect.

But it's this guest who teaches Adam the importance of humility and about how all people are important, not just Adam.

A short but profound section on Muslim Spain emphasizes this point. For some, this may be rather difficult to watch - seeing past Muslim glory, now gone. But it makes the lesson of humility hit closer to home. Allah blessed Muslims in Spain with money, power and knowledge. But their arrogance was probably what led to their downfall. Beautiful mosques and buildings, for example, are some of the vestiges left of Muslim Spain.

Added to the main lesson of the video are the usual scenes of Muslims at prayer and at play, interacting. One segment shows and talks about the beauty of flowers; another a 3-D animation about the Arabic letter "dal" and the belief in "Dua" (supplication) to Allah. These teach and retain the viewer's attention without taking away from the main lesson on humility.

The Humble Muslim is great for teaching kids, teens and adults about the deception and downfall related to arrogance, and how a real Muslim is really a humble Muslim.

A visitor's comment:

"I stumbled onto your site accidentally (I was looking for Sound Vision digital cameras), but what I saw was impressive and good! As a parent of four, I am concerned about the many images of hate, materialism and immorality presented to our children. As a software engineer, I have always shared the view that you seem to express, that knowledge is neither good or bad, it is what we do with it. While others use it in a negative way, I applaud your effort to use it in a positive way.

I'm not Islamic (I'm Christian), but I respect and am encouraged by the efforts all people who strive to influence those around them in a positive way! Your site is done very well. Again, I applaud you!" Ken A., Maryland


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