The Sakinah Healthy Marriage Initiative (SHMI) |

The Sakinah Healthy Marriage Initiative (SHMI)

Building Healthy Marriages and Families Among Muslims in America

The Islamic Social Services Association's Sakinah Healthy Marriage Initiative (SHMI) is calling on national and local organizations and mosques to mobilize and empower local Muslim communities throughout America to make healthy marriages a top priority and to ensure a married life that reflects the essence of Qur’an and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saws).

SHMI is a national campaign to promote healthy marriages and families within the Muslim community in the United States. The Muslim Alliance in North America has taken the first step to promote healthy marriage among inner city communities through the SHARE Network. ISSA looks forward to collaborating with and assisting additional national and local organizations to see that this campaign reaches all corners of the country.

At the heart of the Sakinah Healthy Marriage Initiative is the Healthy Marriage Community Covenant. Community Leaders and Imams are urged to make healthy marriages and families a top priority in their local community by pledging to:

  • Require couples engage in at least three 1-1/2 hour sessions of premarital advisement prior to officiating the marriage ceremony;
  • Organize efforts on a regular basis aimed at premarital preparatio;
  • Establish policy for zero tolerance of domestic violence and steps to ensure its adherence;
  • Organize efforts on n annual basis aimed at marital enhancement;
  • Train Masjid leaders in marital education, and advisement as well as establish a system of marital education and counseling.

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