The Clear Quran Tafsir for Kids Is a Great Resource for the Entire Family! |

The Clear Quran Tafsir for Kids Is a Great Resource for the Entire Family!

One of the greatest resources that Muslims have at our disposal as a source of guidance is the Quran Al-Kareem. The Words of Allah have been preserved since they were revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, more than 1400 years ago and his example was also declared to the walking manifestation of that guidance. Muslim parents are responsible for teaching their children about Allah and our religion as a way of life. We use our knowledge, understanding, and the best resources we can find – scholars and teachers, tafsir or explanation, and tools like books, audio tapes, and videos – to assist in that process. There are two publications designed to endear young children to the Quran – The Clear Quran Tafsir for Kids – that should be part of every family’s Islamic toolbox.

About the Author

Dr. Mustafa Khattab is an Canadian-Egyptian scholar who received his Ph.D, M.A., and B.A. in Islamic Studies in English with honors from Al-Azhar University’s Faculty of Languages and Translation. He is a member of the Canadian Council of Imams and a Fulbright Interfaith Scholar. His seminal work – The Clear Quran – was published in 2015 and is internationally recognized as one of the best English translations of the Quran. His work on a children’s version of the translation stemmed from the widespread use of the original translation in many Islamic schools for children grades 5 and above. The first volume of The Clear Quran Tafsir for Kids, Surah 1 and 49-114 was published in 2020; a second volume was published recently.

More than a Simplified Translation

The Clear Quran Tafsir for Kids is a multifaceted resource designed to encourage children to engage with the Quran. The first volume focuses on Surah Al-Fatihah plus Surahs 49-114; this collection of 67 surahs or chapters includes most of the small surahs that are frequently among the first that children learn to recite and routinely use in salaat or daily prayers. The second volume includes 20 more, focusing on Surahs 29-48.

The publication reads like a textbook with each surah including the Arabic text (in the popular Usmani script) and English translation grouped by thematic subject heads. Four focus areas are also include: 

  • Learning Points
  • Background Stories
  • Side Stories
  • Words of Wisdom

In these areas the author includes historic details about the place and time of revelation, and personal and contemporary stories which bring context to the lessons and relate them to modern life. Full color illustrations also encourage engagement for young visual learners.

Not only did Dr. Khattab focus his attention on teaching a young audience, but The Clear Quran Tafisr for Kids was developed by kids themselves. In the course of the project, elementary educators and a total of 50 children ages 7-12 reviewed the content to ensure the language was easy to digest and made suggestions to aid understanding.

The Words of Wisdom segments also include a number of “difficult questions” that kids sometimes ask. Here are a few examples:

  • Who created God?
  • How do we know Allah exists?
  • Are there women prophets?

These are simple questions but, for many parents, they don’t have simple answers. Rather than allow our curious young minds to fill in the gaps themselves – or worse have them conclude that Islam doesn’t provide the answers to tough questions – Dr. Khattab uses age-appropriate language and logical explanations to give food for thought. Speaking directly to kids in this manner significantly increases the likelihood that they see the Quran as relatable and relevant to their daily lives. And the questions and answers can help parents open dialogue that can set the stage for ongoing discussions about Islam into the future.

Dr. Mustafa Khattab has described the work as “a tool that enables teachers and parents to explain passages and surahs in a simple way that helps children learn, love, and live the message of the Quran.” The Sound Vision Foundation used The Clear Quran Tafsir for Kids as a prize for completion of a Quran challenge project in one of our online Colors of Islam Club classes. We hoped that the publication would become a treasure for our students, aiding in their continued learning and love for Allah’s words and His guidance. Children and parents alike praised the resource.

The Clear Quran Tafsir for Kids series would be an invaluable addition to every home library and make a very special gift. Children will love the opportunity to learn more about and from the Quran and parents will also love the opportunity to learn alongside them.

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Zahirah Lynn Eppard is the managing editor of the Muslim Home parenting newsletter project. As Sound Vision’s Director of Religious Education, she has also spearheaded the production of more than 400 online classes serving children ages 3-12 in the Adam’s World and Colors of Islam Clubs. Eppard has also worked in the field of education as a teacher, homeschooler, and Islamic school principal, as a marriage and crisis intervention counselor, a lobbyist, and social justice activist. She lives with her husband and six children in Maryland.

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