Sound Vision Has a Fun-Filled Summer Lineup for Your Children! |

Sound Vision Has a Fun-Filled Summer Lineup for Your Children!

Families across the globe are heading into summer and the heat is on - that is the heat for parents to find ways to ensure their children are busy and productive! 

Sound Vision has been a pioneer in Islamic children’s programming and we have created LOTS of amazing offerings to keep kids of all ages engaged and having FUN this summer!  

Take Me to the Kaaba: A Hajj Journey 

We kick off this NEW summer line-up with an online course called Take Me to the Kaaba: A Hajj Journey. The five-part series will be led by our amazing host teachers and is designed for students aged 7-11. The curriculum is filled with opportunities to learn more about the significance of Dhul Hijjah, in-depth stories that connect our prophets to the Kaaba and the Hajj journey, the significance of its rituals, and lots more. Lessons are crafted with creative art projects, Arabic vocabulary, songs, games, and movement exercises to keep things engaging and FUN. 

Classes will be held on Monday-Friday, June 19-23 from 6-7pm EDT. There is a limit on class size to ensure student engagement so act fast! Visit for details and online registration. 

Adam’s World Club 2023 Summer Camp

We have selected an exciting educational bundle for this year’s Adam’s World Club 2023 Summer Camp. Pre-recorded lessons are designed for children ages 5-12 and allow families to utilize the course at a time and place that suits everyone’s summer schedule. Four mini-courses are included:

  • Knowing Allah through His Creation – study six new animals in the Quran
  • Nurturing Creativity – make six new art projects related to the coursework
  • Celebrating Diverse Cultures – visit six new countries (and cook their favorite foods)
  • Foods Loved by the Prophet – learn more about six of the Prophet’s favorite foods

We have added a LIVE Friday Show & Tell session that invites students to share what they have learned and build community with other students like themselves.

The course content will be released on a weekly basis starting on Monday, July 3. Friday LIVE sessions will be held at 12N and 6pm EDT. Visit for details and online registration. 

Pre-Recorded Courses Expand the Options 

We also have packaged pre-recorded courses that encourage families to expand their interests and knowledge in a number of content areas. These lessons are designed for children ages 5-12.

Knowing Allah through His Creation, Parts 1 and 2 

Sr. Inas takes students on a study of animals that are mentioned in the Quran. We get to know amazing facts about them, their connection to Islamic history and prophets, and what we can also learn about our Creator by studying them. 

  • Part 1 features: mosquito, bee, elephant, snake, whale
  • Part 2 features: camel, spider, dog, wolf, donkey, cow

The course includes creative art projects, Arabic vocabulary, songs, games, and movement exercises to keep things engaging and FUN!

Celebrating Diverse Cultures, Parts 1 and 2 

Sr. Huda takes students on a trip around the world to learn about the beautiful diversity of our planet and cultures.  

  • Part 1 features: Morocco, Indonesia, Palestine, Tanzania, Pakistan, Nigeria
  • Part 2 features: Senegal, Argentina, Oman, Brunei, Maldives, Uzbekistan

Huda uses her talents as a licensed dietician and excellent chef to lead a cooking demonstration of the country’s favorite recipe (both educational and delicious!).

Muslim Inventions that Changed the World 

Sr. Inas takes students on a trip through our rich Islamic history to learn about seven Muslim inventions that changed the world! We will be studying the amazing scientists who engineered flying machines, doctors who developed medicines and hospitals, educators who opened the first university, and entrepreneurs who made soap, studied optics, and more. Art projects connected to lessons add creativity. These innovations were marvels of their times and we are still benefiting from them today!

Learning Science from the Quran 

Sr. Inas loves to teach students about Allah and the Quran. In this course, she will focus attention on what we can learn about science from our book of guidance. We will study the planets and stars, our beautiful planet Earth, the continents and landscapes, the oceans and rivers, the mountains, trees, and plants. Allah has made an amazing world for our benefit. The more we learn about it the more we can also work to protect it!

Each of these pre-recorded offerings also includes supplemental resources that expand learning outside of class time. They bring wholesome and fun educational opportunities into your home and encourage families to meet the joys and challenges of daily life through an Islamic lens. Now is the time to work them into your summer routine. Visit for details and online registration. 

Sweet Treats: Baking with Hanifa 

Hanifa is a 14-year-old girl who absolutely LOVES to bake! In this course, she will take students step-by-step to make six different delicious baked treats. We will be focusing attention on ingredients, building skills like measuring and proper use of a knife, and learning about kitchen safety. By the end of each class your child will have some amazing sweet treats to share with the entire family. And by the end of the course, we hope they will love baking as much as Hanifa!

Adam’s World Videos Are Still Going Strong! 

Last but not least, classic and new Adam’s World videos teach about Islamic values and connect them to daily life. Popular puppets Adam and Aneesah have helped generations of Muslim children learn about Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, the pillars of Islam, and much more. More than 125 videos are available 24/7 on a convenient Adam’s World App. Subscribe today and ensure that your children are viewing wholesome and halal online content. Visit Adam's World App for more information and a free trial.

Zahirah Lynn Eppard is the managing editor of the Muslim Home parenting newsletter project. As Sound Vision’s Director of Religious Education, she has also spearheaded the production of more than 520 online classes serving children ages 3-12 in the Adam’s World and Colors of Islam Clubs. Eppard has also worked in the field of education as a teacher, homeschooler, and Islamic school principal, as a marriage and crisis intervention counselor, as a lobbyist, and social justice activist. She lives with her husband and six children in Maryland

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