Islamic Study Syllabus 201 |

Islamic Study Syllabus 201

Islamic Study Syllabus 201


Memorize last 20 surahs after studying them with tafseer.
Build Quranic Arabic vocabulary 2 words a day from the Abdul Wahid Hamid
Read the Shorter syllabus of Quranic study
Ulumul Quran, Ahmad Denffer


Life of Muhammad, M. Husayn Haykal


Chapters on Niyyah and Akhirah from either Mishkat or Riyadhus Saliheen


Everyday Fiqh: I-II

Other Islamic Books:

Let Us be Muslims, Mawdudi
Venture of Islam, Marshall Hodgson
Inner Dimension of Islamic Worship, Imam Al-Ghazali
Gender Equity in Islam, Jamal Badawi
Jesus: Prophet of Islam, Muhammad Ata ur-Rahim
How to tell others about Islam by Yahiya Emerick


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