How to show appreciation to your child’s teacher

How to show appreciation to your child’s teacher

Teachers go into education without much expectation from the student’s side. But, they’re human too, they want to feel appreciated as well. It's no easy job to be a teacher. They want to know that their efforts are not going to waste.

Teachers are quick to be criticised, but slow to get praised. The activities, the planning, the scheduling, maintaining class energy, checking up on students, and so much more, takes up a lot of effort. But their work usually goes unnoticed. It goes unnoticed by the students, parents and oftentimes, even the school board. 

This international teachers day, parents need to come forward to actively notice and appreciate the efforts teachers put into teaching their children. 

Communicate & listen 

Teachers value when parents communicate with them. Whether it's after school, on the phone, at parent-teacher conferences, or even in emails. Let them know you appreciate their efforts - and it doesn't have to be something lengthy. If your child does well on a test, let the teacher know you appreciate their teaching that led to the good grades of your child.

When communicating, don’t forget to listen. They may have concerns about your child, they may have news about the great progress of the child, or they may even be letting you know if your child needs help but may not be communicating well. 
Keep the communication going!

Treat them every so often

On a cold winter morning treat them to hot coffee, or on a hot morning treat them to cold coffee every so often. It may take a few extra minutes of your time, but you just made the entire day of the person who is going to teach YOUR child!

Even a gift card or thank you letter on special occasions works great, like the upcoming teachers day!

Gift classroom decor 

Teachers are really passionate about the environment they teach in! Have you seen how well decorated some of the classrooms are?

Teachers spend days, sometimes weeks, before the year starts to make sure the classroom looks just perfect. A well decorated and educational classroom inspires the students to learn more and makes teaching and learning more fun. 

So, why not give a few baskets, or stationary, infographics, perhaps earth globes or even small decorative items like fake leaves, borders etc.

Let the principal know 

You don't have to limit the communication to the teachers. Send the principal a quick email to tell them how much the efforts of the teacher impacted your child. Sometimes even the school board is not aware of the efforts teachers put into their work. A small message can turn that narrative completely around. 

Inspire your child to make something for them 

Encourage your child to make a drawing of the teacher, handmade ornaments for the classroom, or even a handwritten card. 

By doing this you instill in your children the habit of always showing gratitude. When teachers know how actively involved the parents are, they are more likely to create a more intimate relationship with your child.

Their teacher is the adult your child can rely on for eight hours a day, sometimes more! A little goes a long way, because it's always about the quality, not quantity. 

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