ABC's of helping your children do better in school |

ABC's of helping your children do better in school

ABC's of helping your children do better

1. Accept your child's strengths and weaknesses.

2. Become a stakeholder in your child's education

  • visit the school/Maktab regularly not just once a year
  • become involved in some school activity
  • join the PTA or any other parent support group

3. Create a stable environment at home so that the child can function effectively.

4. Develop your child's skills and talents in academic and nonacademic areas.

5. Ensure that your child eats sensibly and sleeps regularly.

6. Foster a love for reading as early as possible.

7. Generate access to a wide array of resource material e.g. encyclopedia etc. as is economically possible.

8. Help your child to take responsibility for his/her own education and learning.

9. Inculcate respect for persons in authority like Imam, principal, teacher, parent and him/herself.

10. Juggle your busy schedules to spend quality and quantity time with your child.

11. Know who your child's friends are; invite them at home, find out about them.

12. Let your child live his/her own dreams not yours.

13. Monitor closely any changes in behavior, attitude or even physical appearance. This may be indicative of other deeper problems.

14. Never threaten to take your child out of school/Maktab even if they are performing poorly.

15. Open the lines of communication between yourself and your child.

16. Play is an important part of your child's life. Allow him/her to relax with mates in a Halal (Islamically permissible) way.

17. Question your child about what was done in school/Maktab in a non-threatening way.

18. Respect your child's choices within set parameters.

19. Seek professional help for your child if there is a learning disability.

20. Trust your child but set clear guidelines for discipline.

21. Use a roster of school and home activities so that time is managed wisely.

22. Vary career options and help your child choose an area with which (s)he feels comfortable.

23. Watch out for double standards at home i.e. do not live by the adage "Do as I say but not as I do".

24. Yearn for improvement in your child's Adab/attitude/grades and act upon it.

25. Zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use.


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