5 Healthy Ramadan party games

5 Healthy Ramadan party Games Ideas for Muslim Family

5 Ramadan party ideas for youth

With Ramadan in full swing, it’s the right time to plan a few easy Iftar parties. While much has been said about the excesses of the Muslim Ramadan party games at this time of the year, it is still offers a great opportunity to gather young Muslims for some faith and fun. This is especially important during the summer, when schedules permit more flexibility.

Keep the menu simple, and precede the meal with some short (not more than 10 minutes), wise words about connecting to Allah in this blessed month. Make sure to include a real life story to bring your talk to life. After Iftar, pray Isha and Taraweeh in the backyard under the stars.

Here are a couple of ideas to start with Ramadan party games;

  1. BBQs. What is summer without a barbecue dinner? Plan a simple one for Iftar on a relatively cooler day.
  2. Make your own Taco Iftar.  You provide the tacos, beef, and fixings. Then 15 minutes before Iftar, have each guest put their own meal together in assembly line fashion.
  3. Post-Taraweeh Ice Cream. In the heat, ice cream after a round of Taraweeh prayers is a great way for youth to cool off and get together.
  4. Sundae Suhoor. If ice cream after Taraweeh is too much, then host a sleepover where Sundae is the Suhoor of the day. Like the taco party idea above, line everything up and have your guests make their own sundae in assembly line fashion.
  5.  The Hunger Games Theme Party. You’ve probably seen all those memes about how Ramadan is the beginning of the “real” hunger games (versus the book and movie version that have become a craze amongst youth this year). 

    Make this a discussion topic Ramadan party games by having one of the guests who has read the book or seen the movie give a brief description of it, and follow it up with what lessons Muslims can learn about hunger and powerlessness from it, as well as what our role should be in fighting hunger.


Samana Siddiqui is Sound Vision's Content Manager. She is also a reporter and columnist for the Chicago Crescent newspaper.


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