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  • Muslim Network News - October 15, 2021

    Join us for Muslim Network News anchored by Sr. Hena Zuberi

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  • An Afghan Family Dream of America Turned into A Nightmare by American Drone

    It is the story of a family of ten Afghans wiped out by the last American drone attack on Afghanistan on the last day of the US presence.

    They had a special visa to travel to America and were waiting for their turn to fly out.

  • The most fun way to learn about Islam

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  • Women in Islam

    "Women in Islam" is perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood topic today.

    A sad reality of our community is that there are Muslims, inside and outside of the Muslim world, who often fail to live up to Islam’s ideals when it comes to half of the Ummah, i.e. Muslim women. Muslim men and women’s ideal relationship in the context of the community is one of brother-and-sisterhood in faith. These are ideals that must be revived today.


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