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  • Afghanistan talking points and thinking points

    The Taliban have declared victory and the end of the war in Afghanistan.

    America has been in dialogue with the Taliban for a couple of years.

    They finally signed an agreement under former President Donald Trump for the US to withdraw last year. 

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    By Sound Vision & Justice for All

    What is NextGen Development Program?

    The goal of the NextGen Development Program is to empower young Muslims with leadership, communication, and advocacy skills, grounded in Islamic tradition and best practices, to become better Muslims, better neighbors, and better citizens.

    NextGen program plans to train and mentor 50 young Muslim activists and leaders over a period of one year (2021-2022). 

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  • Muslim Network News - September 22, 2021

    Join us for Muslim Network News anchored by Sr. Samana Siddiqui

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    Muslim Network is the only channel through which America can discover its Muslim neighbors. Muslim Network airs on Galaxy 19 Satellite covering USA, Canada and Mexico. It also streams on Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, and Roku.

  • An Afghan Family Dream of America Turned into A Nightmare by American Drone

    It is the story of a family of ten Afghans wiped out by the last American drone attack on Afghanistan on the last day of the US presence.

    They had a special visa to travel to America and were waiting for their turn to fly out.


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