The Future Of Secularism: Chapter 29


Quiet the devil away, dastardly deeds were done here,

I’m sitting in the middle of nowhere, 

Staring at the blonde beauty more beautiful in my mind.

She runs mud-soaked in the rain and God, you haven’t felt pain

Till you see her body soaked.

You haven’t felt water till you feel her flee,

And we all get washed away.  

Come sin this life till death, come hold your breath till death;

And after you faint give me a breath, breathe for once,

Like it’ll make a difference!

Perhaps those three questions can be answered with a gasp,

Or perhaps just a frightened rasp. 

She swears it’ll take the Serb out of us,

Our two wrongs made their might and so she must sit seductively.

I wonder how red my face must seem to be,

I wonder what they’ll say in Pristina when her pose they see.

If I could paint her picture I’d use all my life,

Had I more time, perhaps a blackbird could fly over the blood

And tell me how many of us died today.

Took her to a mountaintop in Turkestan this summer, I told her,

"I imagine I’m safe here. I am never gonna be down here." 

If you want something to trust in well trust in me,

Do you wonder what your brother’s doing,

Wonder how long he’s been gone?

I imagine as we holds hand having sinned before dawn,

We slept together but remember, I made us then pray together!

He’ll smile apprehensively and think such sins could at least keep you safe,

For then you’ll see -- when he sees you and me. 

The coward I am! The battles I never fought!

But come rage cannons like blasted bits of heaven till heaven sends him here, 

Fatalistic can’t you call me an optimist?

Optometrist I see you but I do not believe you.

When you vomit in those refugee camps,

Spit out the genocide on the safer side of the border, so when the planes land,

The other side can tell you how I never came to kiss you goodnight. 

A loss is a loss, pain is pain, but to me and the rest of us,

She’s only beautiful enough for my head,

If I loved her with my heart,

I couldn’t stand being so long so far apart. 

And thus we silence Satan, man I’d quiet him if I could bring you home,

We could listen to him whisper while we dance in the shower.

As long as we’re close enough to feel our hearts die together,

As long as I can hold you and as long as you don’t hurt.

But that’s tomorrow and today we hear Satan’s screams.  

They plague our dreams. 

Once the world was shocked and by our armies, rocked,

But Satan came to manage the minaret, we knew him by name,

He called comfort and we foolishly followed, such sounds we swallowed,

I’d tell you a fairytale, listen love, imagine when we had Vienna in sight!

And when again comes that Empire of Light,

Then we can do a few things that aren’t right...

Let my hands go unlimited, a little fuel for the two of us fools,

And we’ll put Satan back in his thobe again,

Standing silently he’ll whisper and again we’ll listen. 

I see her beautiful smile and one of these days,

you’ll smile again.

When you see us coming. (We’re never gonna come.)

When you see us running you can come running and slap us straight in the face,

And ask us why we left your beautiful body to this place,

And left you to face them alone,

And you can tell us what took the Serb out of them. 

I know when you’re dead you’re alone and it seems all of us are alone,

They come for us one by one, and by the billions, we don’t do a thing,

We must all be dead. We must all be alone. 

I tell her gorgeous hair it’ll wash in super shampoo,

I’ll run dry the pains from those strains as your body is washed by water

Most sacred, naked then like when you came from the womb,

But such dreams are reserved for the tomb...

Where we might just breathe again,

If only to answer some questions, if only to face the interrogation. 

I say to her beautiful hair, it can sleep on Macedonian ground at night, 

For one day I’ll come to wash it clean. 

One day we’ll wash it clean.

One day we’ll come for you. 

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