Muhammad: The Trustworthy

The Dawn: The Trustworthy

It was before the call that an incident took place which throws light on the wisdom and popularity of the Prophet. The Ka'bah was threatened with destruction by a flood and the alarmed Quraysh resolved to rebuild it. The work was divided among the leading families and went on in harmony till the time came to put the sacred Black Stone in its proper place. Then strife broke out among the chiefs, each contesting for the honour of placing the stone in its position. Daggers were on point of being drawn and great bloodshed seemed imminent. Luckily, the oldest among the chiefs Abu Umayyah b. Mughirah made a proposal which was accepted by all: : He said: "Let him who enters the haram first of all tomorrow decide the point." Next morning Muhammad (peace be upon him)was the first to enter the sanctuary. When the other people appeared on the scene he was already there. "Al-Amin" (the Trustworthy) has come," they cried with one voice. "We are content to abide by his decision." Calm and self-possessed, Muhammad (peace be upon him) reeived the commission and at once resolved upon and expedient which was to conciliate them all. He spread his mantle on the ground and placed the Stone in its centre. He then asked the representatives of the different families of the Quraysh to lift the stone among them, all together. When it had reached the proper place, Muhammad (peace be upon him‚ laid it in the proper position with his own hands. This is how a very tense situation was eased and a grave danger averted by the wisdom of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). (1)

The last messenger of God had been endowed not only with the highest ideals, but also with the wisdom necessary to translate these ideals into practice.


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