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What Your Islamic Center and Masjids can do for Muslim Media

From South Africa to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia to Malaysia and the UK to Australia, Muslims in more than 100 countries benefit from the Islamic educational material Sound Vision develops.

Sound Vision and Islamic Centers in America are partners in our efforts to help Muslims and non-Muslims, young and old learn about Islam. Here are some ways this partnership can be strengthened further: (please also read what Sound Vision can do for you).

1. Sponsor an intern from your community

Sound Vision offers internships for Muslims interested in getting involved in Muslim media and communications.

These are paid internships. Why not financially sponsor one intern from your community who will come back and share ideas and develop projects based on what they've learned at Sound Vision?

This is a great way to not only develop media in your Muslim community, but to encourage Muslims to enter fields involving media and communications for the benefit of the national and global Muslim community in the long run, Insha Allah.

2. Arrange a fundraising program for Sound Vision in your community

You can invite us to your community to explain what we do and to raise funds for any of our not for profit projects. You can take advantage of the guest by arranging a meeting with your Sunday school teaching team as well.

3. Save while supporting us

If your community center has never purchased anything from Sound Vision, here is an offer for you. Buy $500 worth of educational products and get $150 worth of Sound Vision videos free for your community. That is a savings of 40%. This offer is limited to USA, Canada, and the UK.

4. Encourage writers and reporters in your community to contribute to Sound Vision

Sound Vision is always on the lookout for good writers who can improve content on our website and develop written materials for the Foundation. We also need Muslims who can contribute reports and ideas to Radio Islam. Suggest that the editor of your community newspaper or newsletter contribute a few articles a month to the website or a community report, for instance. This way you'll be helping Sound Vision, a Muslim writer and your community. Do something similar for Radio Islam.

5. Let us work together to develop a lesson plan for our weekend school

Sound Vision's lesson plans aim to help weekend school teachers do their job as best as possible. Support the development of lessons plans. We must make the best use of the few hours a week which children are able to give for Islamic education. This is where our future generation learns Islam. Can your Islamic center sponsor some of the lesson plans?

6. Give us Nasiha (advice) and feedback

What is Sound Vision doing right? What are we doing wrong? We are all human and make mistakes. This is why we need to have mistakes and errors pointed out to us when we do slip up. We also need positive encouragement and ideas to improve our products and services.

Whether it's something on our website, a product that's giving you problems, or a great idea you have that concerns Muslims in your community, tell us about it. Your feedback and Nasiha (advice) can Insha Allah, help us maintain our goal of providing Islamic education and entertainment that is of use and interest to Muslims.

Perhaps you can do a community evaluation of our work and send it to us, with helpful comments and advice.

7. Organize a Sound Vision Premiere in your city

Sound Vision puts up a multi media show on 128 sq. feet screens once in a while. We have done that in 15 cities so far. Would you like to arrange one in your city? It does require a time commitment, but it is the type of program people remember for years.

8. Organize a book fair in your community

You can organize an Islamic educational book fair in your community. It could be independent or part of any other larger activity. Contact us on how we can help you with that.

9. Banner us

Does your Masjid, local Muslim Students' Association or Islamic center have its own website? If so, why not put a Sound Vision banner on your home page inviting others to visit our website? We can provide you a banner for that purpose. Copy any of the following banners.

10. Join the affiliate program

This tremendous opportunity will help you and your organization to make money and also support one of the largest Muslim multimedia companies. There is no sign-up fee or membership fee to become an Affiliate. It is absolutely FREE. As an affiliate you simply place links to SoundVision.com on your web site. Moreover it is easy to use and you could view your reports and earnings any time, anywhere in our special "members only" section for Affiliates Program. So all you have to do is decide how you want to link your web site to SoundVision.com. Click here for more info.

11. Distribute Sound Vision's free catalogs

Too often people ask us why no one ever told them about Sound Vision. Please help us distribute Sound Vision's free catalogs to your community. How many persons come for Juma in your Islamic center? Call us at 1-800-432-4262 and we will send you catalogs for distribution. You can also distribute them through Sunday school or Islamic school students and order together to receive a discount for the school.

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