and Our Duty!

"Have you ever seen a human being who contradicts the (essence of) faith (in Allah and His Judgment)? That is the person who pushes the orphan aside and does not promote feeding the needy.
Woe, then, unto those who pray, but their hearts and minds are remote from (the essence and message of) their prayers, those who (want but) to be seen and praised, whereas they refuse to help others (who need help)." (Quran 107)
Concern for the poor is a basic Islamic tenet. We hope this page will become an important resource for improving our individual and community response to those who need our support.

Learning About Poverty Around Us:
Statistics on Poverty & Food Wastage in America
The Story of Aisha, the Mother of Homeless in Chicago
Why Are People Homeless?
References & Books About Poverty & Homelessness in America

What a Muslim Must Do:
Quran and Hadith on Helping the Poor
Attending to Neighborly Needs: Duty towards the poor.
Jihad Against Food Wastage: How tos
9 Things Families can do for the Poor
Tips for Imams on How to Help the Poor
12 Tips for Teens on How to Help
Start a Zakat Clinic
Five Tips for your Zakat Committee

Zakat-The Pillar of Islam:

Obligation of Zakat and Rates
Inner Dimensions of Zakat
FAQ's about Zakat
Zakat Calculator

Personal Finances:
Creating a Personal Budget
A Sample Budget for a Family
Some Tips on Saving Money
18 Tips to Simplify Our Spending
A Muslim Perspective on Credit

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