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Brothers & Sisters in Humanity

7 Tips on how to respond to the media
10 ways you can support Muslim media
Letters to the Editor: Why to write & How to get published interview with brahim Hooper (CAIR) [audio] interview with Ayesha Mustafaa (Muslim Journal) [audio] interview with Janaan Hashim (Universal School) [audio]

Muslims, Jews & Christian
6 tips on dealing with people of the Jewish faith
Muslim-Christian Relations, The Good, the Bad
Jamal Badawi's on interaction with non-Muslims

Poverty activism
Jihad Against Wastage: How You Can Help Recover Food
Page on Poverty

17 Tips for Parents to Present Ramadan in your Child's Class
A Sample Letter: To Your Child's Homeroom Teacher
A Sample Student Presentation (This is an actual presentation which was given in a grade one class)
A Sample Letter To Your Child's Principal
Fact Sheet For Teachers

Parent's Letter to Teacher for Eid ul-Fitr Break
Asking to do an in-class Presentation on Eid ul-Fitr: A Sample Letter to your child's teacher
Parent's Letter to Teacher for Eid ul-Adha Break
A Sample Press Release for Eid

Religious accommodation in public schools
A 6-step guide to getting religious accommodation in the public school system
A Sample Letter to the Teacher of your child for religious accommodation
A Sample Thank You Letter to teacher on Religious accommodation

Parents of children in public school
Working With Your Children's Public School Teachers
Dawa in public schools
My beliefs in public school: the story of a fifth grade girl
4 tips for parents on dealing with misinformation about Islam in public schools

Treating Christmas with Respect
How to say no to the office Christmas party
Saying No to Your Child's School Christmas Party: Advice and a Sample Letter

A Sample Letter to Teacher about Halloween
How to deal with Halloween 13 Tips for parents

21 Tips for Parents for a Hajj presentation in Your Child's class

Weddings and marriage
6 wedding Dawa considerations
8 guidelines for non-Muslim caterers
15 guidelines for marriage counselors when dealing with Muslim clients

The question of Hijab and choice
Hijabed Like Me A Non-Muslim Woman Experiments with Hijab

What You Can Do For Jerusalem
Talking points and strategies for media activism in the curent crisis

Six Things You Can Do for Masjid Aqsa
Recommendations for effective action to stop Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights

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