An Act of Faith

Hijab in the West
The Fear of Hijab in the West
You Don't Have to Wear That in Canada
10 Tips for Muslim Activists to Deal with Hijab
The Question of Hijab & Choice
In Defence of Non-Hijabi Sisters
Hijabed Like Me - A Non-Muslim Woman Experiments with Hijab
Non-Muslim dons Hijab in support of Muslim women
Banning Hijab in Canada: It can happen anywhere
Poem on Hijab: I am a Muslim woman

TV Documentary:
Hijab-An Act of Faith
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in Turkey

  • 4,236 students with headscarves who were detained
  • 8,238 students were denied admission to school
  • 31 prayer centers, Quran courses and religious dormitories were closed down.
  • 26,669 attacks on religious freedom

The 4 Fears About Hijab
Hijab Battles Around the World
Good Hijab News from Azerbijan
Kudos to the Proud Sister
Our Duty to Sister Merve: Stand Up for Hijab
Hijab Activism

Song About Hijab
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