This page is about success. Here we share tips and ideas with each other to enhance our personal growth as Muslims.

O you who believe, heed Allah! Let every person watch out for whatever it has prepared for tomorrow, and fear Allah: for Allah is well-acquainted with all that you do. (Quran: 59:18)

We spend every day of our life knowing that we can improve ourselves. Yet, we are always waiting for "tomorrow" to change. That tomorrow will never come unless we make it come today!

We pray to Allah for the best of both worlds, this one and the everlasting one. If we want Allah to give us the best, we will have to strive for it, since the Quran says " burdened person shall bear another's burden. That every man receives only what he makes an effort for: so his effort shall be noticed; then he will be rewarded to the fullest extent. And that towards your Lord lies the final end." (Quran: 53:38-42)

Time and money are the two most important resources of our life. We need to control them to achieve the best of both worlds. To control is to plan and to evaluate our performance. We have a personal planning and evaluation kit available here along with some other articles which can help insha Allah. We have a lot of exciting things planned for this site. Please do share your ideas and thoughts. Sound Vision team truly believes in sharing as a process of development itself. Please share with other at Sound Vision's Forum on Personal development


Outline to Develop a Personal Plan

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Personal Evaluation Form

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