Al-Qari: Trust a Leader:

As an industry pioneer, Sound Vision started its production in 1988. Since then every Sound Vision product has been designed to give people a joyful learning experience. Today Sound Vision is recognized as the world leader in Islamic multimedia and TV production.

Sound Vision was first in the US to produce Islamic software. As we enter in our 11th year of service, we see few others aspiring to follow us. Al hamdu lillah.

We thank our customers whose confidence and appreciation of our products have helped us to become a leader. We like to invite our new customers to see the advantages for them to prefer our products over newcomers:

  • Seasoned products which are bug free.
  • Products which are throughly tested by teachers, students and other educators.
  • We are here for 11 years to support our products unlike most other Islamic software startups which disappear within a year or two of offering a product. (In America 90% businesses fail within 2 years.)

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....Al-Qari Plus (with Full Quran): $59................Al-Qari (with 10 short Surahs): $29

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