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The kid with the orange hair, bulging eyes and big glasses is Adam. He has a new baby sister who's driving him crazy, at the moment for taking his last lollipop. "I'm tired of putting up with her," Adam whines to his mom. "Can't we give her away at a garage sale or something?"

Adam is the Kufi-wearing puppet star of the Adam's World children's video series. He is to Muslims what Mickey Mouse is to Disney and Larry the Cucumber is to evangelical Christians.

But Adam is only part of the arsenal Sound Vision is using to help Muslims keep the faith. Sound Vision, is a bit of Disney, PBS, Microsoft, and Oprah all rolled into one. Read the whole article of Dallas Morning News. (The writer Susan Hogan Albach received the best religion reporter of the year award featuring this story).

Welcome to Adam's World! This unique Islamic video series for children was set into orbit over ten years ago with the aim of introducing children to Islamic morals, values and culture in a manner that is both entertaining and educational.

Eighteen episodes have been produced to-date and response from our customers has been nothing short of remarkable! Valuing our rich, common heritage and instilling strong character traits such as kindness, patience and love are a major part of the Adam's World series.

By adopting such a universal approach to video based education, this delightful program has found its niche amongst children of over forty different ethnic backgrounds.

Watch Previews of Adam's World Episodes:

Buy the whole set of 18 videos for $215 and save $100!


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