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Ramadan Plan

10 great goals for this Ramadan
aNine reasons to plan for Ramadan
aOutline to help develop a Ramadan plan & report card

Ramadan & Spirituality

a10 Ramadan spirituality-boosters
a16 things you can do on the Nights of Power
aCrying in Front of Allah-It’s not impossible
a31 Personal Duas to Choose From
aWhat the Prophet Mohammad did in his Sajdah
aI ask myself tonight!
aInner dimensions of fasting

Ramadan, Food & Health

a7 tips on eating healthier this Ramadan
aRamadan’s health and spiritual benefits
aDollar a Day Ramadan fast
aRamadan, Your Body & Your Neighbors NEW!

Ramadan & Family

aReconnect with family this Ramadan- in 20 minutes or less - NEW!
aTurn off that stove! An eight-step Ramadan plan for sisters
aSample Ramadan menu and chore chart
a7 strategies to train kids this Ramadan
aMaking Ramadan special for kids: 15 tips

aA single Muslim's guide to Ramadan

Ramadan & Community

a10 ideas for Ramadan at your workplace
aEight tips on sharing Ramadan with neighbors
a8 Ramadan ideas for your campus
a17 tips for parents to present Ramadan in your child's class
aTo your child's Homeroom teacher
aA Grade one student presentation about Ramadan
aLetter To Your child's principal
aRamadan : factsheet for teachers

aA Short bibliography on Ramadan

Fiqh of Ramadan

Why should you fast?
The Quran and Hadith on Ramadan
Fiqh of Ramadan: how-tos of fasting
United Procedure for Moonsighting in North America: Shura Council
Moonsighting & moonfights: info and advice

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