Million Family March to be held October 16

For over 30 years, pundits, politicians and parents have lamented the loss of family values in American society.

They have noticed with anger and sadness the disintegration of the family unit; the distance between parents and children; the excessive materialism so many parents in America are rushing towards at the expense of time spent passing on values and character to their children.

A number of African-American organizations, in particular, are going to be bringing these issues and more to the forefront in an event of historic proportions this month: the Million Family March.

The march, to be held on October 16 in Washington, DC, will take place exactly five years after the group's Million Man March.

On October 16, 1995, an estimated one million African-American men attended the event in a show of unity and strength.

This time, the hope is that the men who attended the 1995 march will attend the Million Family March with their families.

In a July news conference, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, one of the key organizers of the event, said the march is a response to the erosion of family values in America. He also said it will support the Nation of Islam's policies on education, poverty, crime, drugs and African and Caribbean relations.

Farrakhan has also stressed the event is open to people of all races and religions.

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