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National Muslim Marriage Week
August 11-18, 2010
Ramadan 1-7, 1431

National Muslim Marriage Week is an opportunity for communities to schedule Friday Khutbas about the married life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and talks during Taraweeh prayers about marriage in the Quran, as well as Ramadan Iftars that highlight the importance of a healthy marriage.

It is also an opportunity for individuals and couples to be reminded of the importance of improving their personal behavior as they learn about the married life of the Prophet.

national muslim marriage weekDemonstrating more patience, more gentleness, and less anger toward our spouses and family members are just some examples of behavior we can work on during Ramadan. Insha Allah we will be able to change our behavior and improve our relationships.

Ramadan is not just about reading the Quran. It is about living the Quran. It is about exemplifying the Quran in our individual behavior and our marital and family life.

Join ISSA-USA as we observe National Muslim Marriage Week during Ramadan.

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