A Select Bibliography to help you learn about our African brothers and sisters

In the so-called "melting pot" of America, it's ironic that the racial divide is country is so strong.

For Muslims, we are encouraged to know one another, no matter what our ethnic or racial backgrounds. One of the first steps in doing this in the spirit of the true "melting pot" is to understand how the other one feels and sees the world.

Apart from direct communication and contact, one way to start is by reading books and watching documentaries about this. Here is a selected list. It's not comprehensive, but it will help, Insha Allah.


1. Islam in Africa

2. Deeper Roots: Muslims in the Americas before Columbus

3. Sound Vision's Islamic History Pack-includes the documentaries Islam in Africa and Deeper Roots: Muslims in the Americas before Columbus.

4. Malcolm X: Make It Plain

5. The Speeches of Malcolm X

6. Muhammad Ali-in his own words

7. Muhammad Ali-skills, brains and guts


1. Servants of Allah: African Muslims enslaved in the Americas by Sylviane A. Diouf

2. Autobiography of Malcolm X As Told to Alex Haley

3. On the Side of My People,  A Religious Life of Malcolm X, Louis DeCaro, Jr.

4. African American Islam, Aminah Beverly McCloud

5. Deeper Roots: Muslims in the Americas and the Caribbean from before Columbus to the Present by Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick.

6. Islam in the African American Experience, Richard Brent Turner

7. American Jihad,  Islam After Malcolm X, Steve Barboza.

8. There is a River,  The Black Struggle for Freedom in America, Vincent Harding

9. Pipe Dream Blues  Racism & the War on Drugs, Clarence Lusane

10. I May Not Get There With You, The True Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Eric Dyson

11. Adam! Where Are You? Why Most Black Men Don't Go to Church, Jawanza Kunjufu

12. (For kids) Tales from Sudan


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