Halal & Healthy:
Muslim Consumers
& the NonMuslim Halal Business


It has all the trimmings of a Muslim business.

A Muslim name, some Muslim employees, a logo containing Arabic, date palm tree, and a masjid, slick flyers announcing its Halal food products and a 1-800- number with a message greeting you with a Salam and a recordeding in English and Arabic.

But Al Safa Halal is not a Muslim company. The Kitchener, Ontario-based entity is actually owned by non-Muslim private investors, intent on cashing in on the North American Muslim meat market.

While one of Al Safa Halal's proprietors, David Muller, refused to speak with Sound Vision, he directed our call to its Customer and Consumer Relations Manager AbdelKader Muhammad. Muller also would not disclose exactly who and how many people owned Al Safa Halal, saying this information is confidential.

Providing Halal meat products for Muslims was the first type of business Muslims in North America established long ago. After Masjids, the Halal grocery store became a need of the Muslim community in North America. Such stores have become part of the landscape.

Enter Al Safa Halal. While it was only launched last year, it emerged from the company MGI Packers, which is based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and had been in business as a slaughterhouse since 1987. 

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