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Traditional Québec Cuisine

I have found Traditional Québec cuisine to be a thing of its own. By traditional, I mean that Québécois people have been eating these foods for generations and generations, many times on special occasions like New Year's Day/Eve or at the "Temps des sucres" (maple sap harvest time). Simple, dominated, it seems, by a few major ingredients: maple sugar/syrup, pork, root vegetables, ketchup!, etc., it neither has the complexity nor the spicy heat of other cultures. And as far as comfort food goes -- although I a biased -- Québécois cuisine has recipes that can't be beat!

As a Muslim revert born and raised in Québec, I am confronted with the fact that the "food from back home" boasts an impressive number of recipes containing pig meat in some form or another. Resourcefulness must come into play as we Muslims convert recipes and bring them into the domain of the halaal; Québécois cuisine can prove to be a good exercise in this :- ) .

In the mean time, all of the following Traditional Québécois recipes are halaal in their original non-substituted form (except the tourtière recipe):

By Solange Waithe.

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