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This is a highly innovative and useful course which provides an easy access to Quranic Arabic. AbdulWahid Hamid is a very experienced teacher and has been running courses in Quranic Arabic for many years.

Learning a language can be a very difficult and arduous process. This is specially true of the Arabic language, which has a highly organized and formal structure. AbdulWahid Hamid's Access to Quranic Arabic offers a golden opportunity to all students of Quranic Arabic to realize their heart's desire in a relatively easy but interesting manner.

The Textbook is divided into units covering grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension in a coherent fashion. It covers a large part of the essential basic structure of Arabic and prepares the student for the higher stages. In all the examples and explanations it uses the words and phrases that are most frequently used in the Quran. The accompanying Workbook provides much needed practice in writing and in grammar structure and meaning. The Selections from the Quran are also given in a separate book which very much increases its benefits.

Most important of all, the series sparks a fresh desire to learn the Quran and to understand its message in its original language. AbdulWahid Hamid has succeeded in giving us a key work, which not only opens up a fresh channel to understand and appreciate the Book of Allah, but it also enlightens us and inspires for ever more knowledge. In this respect the hints and notes for self-study given throughout the course are particularly useful.

M. Salim Kayani, Quranic scholar, former Director, American Trust Publications.


"Access to Quranic Arabic is excellent ..its design is superb in the way it integrates key vocabulary with the grammatical structure of Arabic. "
John M Chennault, USA

"Some methods for learning Arabic can be quite complicated and daunting and I have several times given up in despair. Access to Quranic Arabic takes the fear out of learning Arabic and fills me with much confidence." Dawood King, London

"May Allah bless you for the Summer Course in Quranic Arabic you ran. I have come away with a determination to continue studies on my own." Abdul Hye, London

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