Personal Development:

Islamic Study Syllabus 301

Read the Longer Syllabus of Quranic study suggested in Way to the Quran by Khurram Murad
Introduction to the Towards Understanding the Quran, Maudoodi
Continue building Quranic Arabic vocabulary at one word a day pace from the Abdul Wahid Hamid.

Life of Muhammad, By M. H. Haykal
Seerah of either Abubakr or Umar

Studies in Early Hadith Literature, Mustafa Al-Azami


Other Islamic Books:
The Islamic Movement: Dynamics of values, power and change, Maudoodi
Islamic Da'wah in the West, Larry Poston
Islamic awakening between rejection and extremism, Yusuf Al-Qarzavi
Saving Our Children in America, Khurram Murad


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