Night after night, we sit for long hours in dark rooms. Identical images flow into our brains, McDonaldizing our perspectives, knowledge, tastes, desires.

We spend more hours watching nature shows than experiencing the real thing; more time laughing at TV jokes than making jokes ourselves; more time experiencing TV sports than actually picking a ball in our hands.

Halal and haram are lost when eyes are mesmerized, fixed on that 19" piece of furniture.

Our brains are targeted at the rate of 3,000 marketing messages per day -- twelve billion display ads, three million radio ads and over 300,000 TV commercials toxins are dumped on us. Our attention spans are diminishing, our imaginations giving out, we are unable to remember the past.

While competing for the best of this world, we once in a while recall about the everlasting life. But that moment doesn't last very long. It is washed away pretty fast as we willingly set down for another session with the thing.

And children. Those innocent souls, born Muslim, are being given away to the 19" baby sitter to turn them into a lost people.

This page is not about complaining. This is about taking charge. It is about sharing the technique of liberation while singing the hymns of.. We Shall overcome. It is about... Well check out some of the following helpful essays and tipsheets. You will get the idea.

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