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Add Sound Vision Products To Your Site

How much money have you made so far through any affiliate program? Probably not much. Right? And the main reason is it take a bit of work to make money.

We at Sound Vision noticed that. We like to help you in this area. Because if you make money, we make money which means more new quality Islamic products.

Here are a few tools that will insha Allah increase sales through your site.

The new affiliate features will display Sound Vision products of your choice within any page of your web site. You can add side bar, horizontal bar or several pages worth of product on your site. When people will see pictures on your site, they are more likely to click and more likely to buy. Each time they buy, your unique affiliate ID number will be with them throughout shopping and you will earn commission.

It is easy and simple. Only one line of code is necessary to enable this cool feature on your site.

To use this feature on your site take the following steps:

Step 1. Choose the type of products.

New Products Hot Products Weekly Selections
Quran & Hadith (Audio) Quran & Translations (Books) Islamic Songs
Audio Products Video Products Books
Software Games Gift Items
Adam's World Cartoons Random Products

Step 2. Choose Display Option.

Full Page

Step 3. Choose Number of Products Displayed.
Only needed for 'Vertical' and 'Full Page' display option.

Step 4. Enter Your Affiliate ID.
If you do not have an affiliate ID you can sign-up now!

Affiliate ID:

* You can create as many pages on different types of products as you like.
* Visitors must have javascript enabled in their browser to view the products.

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