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Translation of the Quran

[Sura Index]

095. At-Teen - 8 ayah(s)

Abdullah Yusuf Ali's Translation Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall's Translation
095.001. By the Fig and the Olive, 095.001. By the fig and the olive,
095.002. And the Mount of Sinai, 095.002. By Mount Sinai,
095.003. And this City of security,- 095.003. And by this land made safe;
095.004. We have indeed created man in the best of moulds, 095.004. Surely We created man of the best stature
095.005. Then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low,- 095.005. Then we reduced him to the lowest of the low,
095.006. Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: For they shall have a reward unfailing. 095.006. Save those who believe and do good works, and theirs is a reward unfailing.
095.007. Then what can, after this, contradict thee, as to the judgment (to come)? 095.007. So who henceforth will give the lie to thee about the judgment ?
095.008. Is not God the wisest of judges? 095.008. Is not Allah the most conclusive of all judges ?

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