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Translation of the Quran

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069. Al-Haqqa - 52 ayah(s)

Abdullah Yusuf Ali's Translation Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall's Translation
069.001. The Sure Reality! 069.001. The Reality!
069.002. What is the Sure Reality? 069.002. What is the Reality ?
069.003. And what will make thee realise what the Sure Reality is? 069.003. Ah, what will convey unto thee what the reality is!
069.004. The Thamud and the 'Ad People (branded) as false the Stunning Calamity! 069.004. (The tribes of) Thamud and A'ad disbelieved in the judgment to come.
069.005. But the Thamud,- they were destroyed by a terrible Storm of thunder and lightning! 069.005. As for Thamud, they were destroyed by the lightning.
069.006. And the 'Ad, they were destroyed by a furious Wind, exceedingly violent; 069.006. And as for A'ad, they were destroyed by a fierce roaring wind,
069.007. He made it rage against them seven nights and eight days in succession: so that thou couldst see the (whole) people lying prostrate in its (path), as they had been roots of hollow palm-trees tumbled down! 069.007. Which He imposed on them for seven long nights and eight long days so that thou mightest have seen men lying overthrown, as they were hollow trunks of palm- trees.
069.008. Then seest thou any of them left surviving? 069.008. Canst thou (O Muhammad) see any remnant of them ?
069.009. And Pharaoh, and those before him, and the Cities Overthrown, committed habitual Sin. 069.009. And Pharaoh and those before him, and the communities that were destroyed, brought error,
069.010. And disobeyed (each) the apostle of their Lord; so He punished them with an abundant Penalty. 069.010. And they disobeyed the messenger of their Lord, therefor did He grip them with a tightening grip.

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