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Sample marriage card text

by Sound Vision Staff Writer

You can modify and use the text as it suits you.

It is good to include Islamic dates also. You can put this text on the inside of the card and choose an ayah to put on the front of the card. You can also put bismillah in Arabic at the top of the inside as well as out side along with a relevent Quranic verse.

Sample #1

Love fills a lifetime
And a lifetime begins this hour
When the two of us

Sara Kamal


Mike Ali

Begin a new life together
Come celebrate with us
As we marry

On Saturday, the sixth of May
Two thousand
At five o. clock in the afternoon
F irst Masjid Kaba
Hyde park, NY

Sample #2

With joyful hearts

We ask you to be present

At the nikah ceremony uniting

Fatimah Bibi


Ahmed Jones

On Saturday, the first of April

Two thousand

At eleven o' clock in the evening

Masijid Qurtaba

West Ridge


Mr. And Mrs. Jones

If you are unable to attend

We ask your presence in thought and prayer

Sample #3

Mr. And Mrs. Omar

Announce the marriage

Of their daughter




on Saturday, the first of Safar

Forteen hundred tweenty four


Islamic Center

Villa Park,


Sample #4

Akhtar Fatimah and Muhammad Ali

Request the honor of your presence

At the waleema dinner of their grand son

Kamal Shareef

and his wife to be

Sarah Ali

On Saturday, Shaban first

Forteen hundred tweenty four

At Muslim Community Center

Chicago, IL.


Mr and Mrs. Shareef


Mr and Mrs. Ali

Sample #5





Enter into their new life together

Their parents

Leesa, and Sherman Abdur Razzaq

Ayesha and Kamal Ali

Invite you to share in the joy

When their children unite in marriage

On Safar First

Forteen hundred tweenty four


<insert location>

Sample #6

The sun, the stars, the earth

And all of God's creatures

Join in His divine plan of the universe

Come celebrate with us one special part

When we,

Ayesha and


Exhange marriage vowes

On Safar First

Forteen hundred tweenty four


<insert location>

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javed sk, mumbai - wrote on 4/9/2012 5:00:52 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment: thank u so much 4 shrt & swt text, what i want i get it.

Adnan Ashraf, baramulla kashmir - wrote on 4/7/2011 9:41:17 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment: good job done!!!

Mushtaq Ahmed B, Chennai, India - wrote on 7/4/2010 11:01:59 PM
Rating: Rating

Comment: This is what i was looking for ... Nice sample texts. Thank you

Abdul Nasar, Dubai - wrote on 4/22/2004 6:19:53 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment: Still improve all the require for a muslim society.

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