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Eid Mubarak Banner Fireworks - Yellow

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The Sharia that Muslim Americans Live - Brochure

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**Fun Book of Manners!
A to Z of Akhlaaq: Moral Values for Children [Nafees Khan]

$4.50 $3.45
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Pre Marriage & Marriage Gift Packs!

The Getting Married Pack......$35
This video and book package includes the following 4 items:
1. Ideal Muslim Husband a great documentary examining the qualities of an ideal husband that also provides helpful tips on leading a successful married life.
2. Families and Individuals featuring Imam Hamza Yusuf and Imam Muhammad Naseem.
3. Marriage and Family in Islam by Mazhar Husaini
4. Gender Equity in Islam by Dr. Jamal Badawi........[Order Now]

Wedding Gift Pack#1 ......$50
Get the basics of marriage down pat! This package includes the following four items:
1. Morals and Manners of Family Life
2. Ideal Muslim Husband
3. Family in the West - Speakers include: Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Imam Mohammed Naseem, Imam Jamal Zarabozo
4. Family Structure in Islam by Dr. Hammudah Abdalati, which includes discussion of topics like the purpose of marriage, rights and obligations of spouses and children, polygamy, divorce and inheritance are thoroughly explained.
"Marriage and Family in Islam" by Mazhar Husaini........[Order Now]

Wedding Gift Pack#2 .........$130 The Best Gift of All
What better gift to give than the Quran? This gift pack is filled with materials to help readers and learners of the Quran. Give this ideal gift to a newlywed couple so they can learn together. This package includes the following software:
1. AlQari Plus software, where the entire Quran is recorded in pure digital quality (44.1 KHz) and recited by the legendary Shaikh Abdul Basit Abdus Samad.
2. Alim software. Complete Quran in Arabic with 3 Translations (with search features). Includes thousands of Hadiths, Fiqh us-Sunnah, Islamic history, and more
3. The Quran with a revised version of Yusuf Ali's translation and commentary.

........[Order Now]

Wedding Gift Pack#3 ......$280 5 Best Sellers are Part of this Pack!
This is great for the vocal Muslim couple - you know, the husband and wife team who like to recite Quran aloud and sing Islamic songs in the car! This package includes:
1. Quran recitation on 48 CDs by Qari Abdul Basit. The whole Quran is recited by Qari Abdul Basit accompanied with English translation (American accent).
Islamic songs
This CD collection of Islamic songs by Dawud Wharnsby Ali and others:
2. Whisper of Peace
3. Colors of Islam
4. Road to Madinah and
5. Allah Helps You Grow. ........[Order Now]

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KAREEM AKEEM, NIGERIA - wrote on 7/7/2003 10:22:38 AM
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Comment: i love it and want to be register member of daily information readers. If need be i want to be a distibutor and subscribers. i love ur concern for islam

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