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Using a Phone Tree to protect yourself and your family

A phone tree is a group of people who contact each other to convey a message in an organized way. Instead of 1 person contacting 50 people, one person contacts two other people, who then each contact two other people, and so on. Each person has a ‘tree’, which is a diagram of who to contact, and their phone numbers/ email addresses/ and fax numbers. The hard way of doing things is like this:

| | | | | | | | | | | |

The better way is like this:
* *
| |
__________ __________
| | | |
* * * *

By using a phone tree, the job of spreading important information can be done much more efficiently, and much more effectively. It also makes sure that nobody will get burned out making hundreds of phone calls by themselves. As long as the person contacts the people they are assigned to call on the list, the system works beautifully.

In the case of providing security for yourself and your family in the wake of war on Iraq,, you can also use the phone tree system.

Here's how it would work: if an incident happens to you or your family, you immediately make two phone calls. One to emergency services (911). The second to a designated person in your phone tree. This person calls three people: your relatives and local police, so that you can report the incident, as well as the local media about the attack as it's happening.

By using this system, several things are accomplished. Relatives of the victims are immediately notified and police are contacted quickly so that damage can be minimized. In addition, the media gets to report on an anti-Muslim incident which will most likely make it to the news and put the problem of anti-Muslim harassment in the media spotlight.

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