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Muslim Social Services

While social services incorporate a number of elements like counseling and dealing with issues as serious as sexual abuse and domestic violence, there is still misunderstanding about the need of such services for Muslims, especially in North America.

With this special page on Muslim Social Services, Sound Vision is providing practical tips to deal with some pressing problems in the Muslim community, whether you are a victim, a relative, a friend or an Imam and whether you live in the West or the East. You will encounter a fair amount of repetition amongst the tips-oriented articles. We invite you, experts and non-experts in the field of Muslim social services, to post your own comments and ideas in our forum on this topic with Sr. Shahina Siddiqui, executive director of the Islamic Social Services Association of the United States and Canada (ISSA). Let the awareness and dialogue begin.

Muslim misperceptions about social services (NEW)
What Masjids can do about social services (NEW)

Social work according to the Quran
Social concerns: a look toward the future
Shahina Siddiqui: An interview
Aneesah Nadir : An interview
[Forum on Social Services: Expert advice from Sisters]


Domestic Violence hurts Muslims
Statistics on Women Abuse in the USA

Tips if you are in the West
13 tips for a victim
12 step guide for Imams
11 tips for friends of a victim

Tips for Non Western society

8 tips for a victim
7 tips for Imams
9 tips for friends of a victim



Fundamentals of a happy marriage
Marriage in Islam

Tips if you are in the West

11 step guide for couples
6 tips for friends & family
11 tips for Imams

Tips for Non Western society

6 tips for Muslim couples
6 suggestions for friends & family

Sex Abuse:

Tips if you live in the West
15 tips for a victim
14 step guide for Imams
6 tips for friends of a victim

Tips for Non Western society

9 tips for a victim
8 suggestions for Imams
10 tips for friends of a victim

Not Competition:

What women can do for women in Muslim countries
What men can do for women
How to do Shura in Family: By Abdul Malik Mujahid

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