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Sound Vision's School Partnership Program
Quran Learning tools
Islamic Syllabus for Children
A Guide to Muslim English

Preparing for the School Year:
Last Days of Summer with Children!
Fajr Tips: Getting Up For Fajr

Muslim Schools Vs. Public Schools
11 Tips: Saving On School Supplies
6-Step Guide For Your Child's Public School Needs

Tips for Muslim Students in Public Schools:
7 Tips for Muslim Students about Classroom Misinformation
A 5th Grad Girl's Dawa Experience in School
Dawa in Public School: Some Guidelines
Recent Experience with Urban School Choice Plans
Council on Islamic Education: A Profile

Religious Freedom in Public Schools:
6 Steps to Get Religious Accomodation in the Public Schools
Laws You Need to Know About
A Sample Letter to the Teacher of your child for religious accomodation
A sample Thank You Letter to teacher on Religious Accomodation

Tips for Parents of Public Schools:

Raising Children in the Public Schools: What Parents Need to Know
How to work with Public School Teachers
Getting the Most Out of Public School Education
Getting Involved in the Public System is a Religious Obligation!
Monitoring Public School Education
How to Deal with Misinformation in Public School

Muslim School Vs Public School

Islamic Schools:
Use Your Tax Money for Muslim School
Why Islamic Schools? Some Questions & Answers
Muslim School Vs Public School
Quranic Arabic Crisis in Muslim Schools
Muslim Schools: A View From the Inside
Making the Financial Commitment to Educate Our Children
Salient Features of a Muslim School
Managing Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom
List of Muslim Schools in North America

Sunday Islamic Schools:
Why Send Your Child to a Weekend School
Getting the Most Out of a Weekend School
hallenges of Weekend Islamic Schools
Weekend School Lesson Plans

Home Schooling:
Reasons and Resource

Discussion Forums about School & Education:

Sex Education and Muslims:
12 Tips for Parents
Talking to Your Kids About Sex
7 Tips on Talking to Kids
About Homosexuality
Book Review: Miracle of Life
State of Sex Education in Muslim Schools
Sex Education in Public Schools

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