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How to Conduct a Quran Study Circle

by Khurram Murad
author of Way to the Quran

One: One member, should, first, make a presentation of the results of his study.

Two: The rest should then join in, further elaborating, correcting, modifying, raising questions, or providing answers.

Three: If all the members are required to study, then you may either designate beforehand who will do the presentation; this will result in better standards of presentation; this will keep everyone alert and working hard.

Four: It will always be useful if at least one member of the circle is more knowledgeable and has access to sources. He would, then, during the discussion, overcome any deficiencies and shortcomings in the original presentation. He may also set and steer the tone and direction of discussion.

Five: If one member who is learned in the Quran participates, he should not intervene from the beginning. Rather he should let the participants say what they want to say, and only then, gently correct them if they are wrong, or add to their knowledge. His method should be suggestive and interrogative rather than discursive.

Six: Towards the end, one member, preferably the leader or teacher, should always sum up the broad message of the passage, its main themes, its call to action.

Excerpt from "Way to the Quran" by Khurram Murad

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goosain solomon, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa - wrote on 8/17/2004 6:30:16 AM
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Comment: I sought a strategy for conducting a Quranic session. I found one, right here. It is very practical and easy to follow and it aligns with ownership of the learning process

, Seattle, WA - USA - wrote on 7/12/2003 11:24:06 PM
Rating: Rating

Comment: This is really an excellent article from an excellent book. Anything that inspires such passion and love for the Qur'an and for Allah is a benefit to all the ummah.

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