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10 things you can do besides go to the Prom

Can't find alternatives to Prom night activities? Here are some ideas from youth activist Sr. Amber Rehman and Br. Taha Ghayyur of Young Muslims of Canada. Rehman did not attend the Prom, and Taha Ghayyur has been active in trying to convince young Muslims not to go to the Prom.

1. Take a hike

Or go on vacation to a place you always wanted to go. If it's out of town, even better-you'll be far, far away from Prom madness on this day, but you will still be doing something you enjoy.

2. Party the Halal way

Just hang out. Nothing formal, or it could be more formal if you want. It's up to you. You set the agenda. If the Prom is about getting together with friends and having fun, well what better alternative to it than to get together and have Halal fun, free of alcohol, sex, drugs, etc.

3. Have a pool party

May is when you start feeling the summer heat. If one of the brothers or sisters' has a private, sealed off pool in their backyard, or even better an indoor one, have a party in the pool.

4. Ride the rides

Go to an amusement park, and go on every ride twice.

5. Play mini golf

This game may seem like it's for older men in plaid pants but it's not (maybe because the word "mini" is in front?). This is a great way to goof around and have fun no matter how badly you play.

6. Plan and organize the first ever Muslims sisters' community graduation banquet

Let sisters dress to kill, get all made up and eat great catered food-all in privacy. They'll feel more comfortable in the all-female environment and really be able to relax and think about the future of their academic goals.

But don't let it get too serious. Arrange a stand up comedy routine, anti-prom skits, etc.

7. Go bowling

Okay, so you can't compare the dull bowling alley with the flashy disco ball of the hotel dance floor. Big deal. Bowling is a healthy way to burn off calories (which the Prom going people will be gaining, not losing).

8. Have a paintball tournament

No one dressed in Prom clothes would dare undertake this fun way to get messy. Too expensive. Enjoy this messy sport while others worry about staining their expensive clothes at the Prom.

9. Eat out

If the fancy dinner is what you would miss with the Prom, go out to a Halal restaurant with great food and service. You'll have a good time and you'll be supporting a Muslim business.

10. Have a sports tournament

Take your pick: hockey, basketball, baseball, whatever you decide, it'll be way more fun and on top of that, think of all the money you'll be saving (you don't need a tuxedo/dress, a limousine or a fancy dinner to play in a sports tournament).


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