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Journey to the Hereafter (8 Audio CD's) - Abdullah Hakim Quick

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A Different Drum

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Who is Allah?

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Planning for the Future: ideas, tips and strategies

Download An Excel SpreadSheet for Plan Outline

Planning for the coming year

4 things you can do for Islam in 2011
How Muslims Can be More Successful in 2011
11 Ideas To Take Masjids to the Next Level in 2011

Thinking before Planning: A Short Self-Evaluation guide
Thinking before Planning A Self-Evaluation guide (Long)
A Guide to Develop a 12-month Personal Plan
7 reasons why we must plan for the coming year

Planning for your career

Career: Thinking of Long Term and Short Term Future
Choosing a Career. Guidelines for students and parents
The Clash Between Our Children's Goals and Our Goals for Them
Hot jobs for women in the 21st century

Planning for your personal development

Outline to Develop a Personal Plan
Personal Study Syllabus 101
Personal Study Syllabus 201
Personal Study Syllabus 301
Suggested Syllabuses for Quranic Study
Personal Quran Study Syllabus (Shorter)

Planning for Personal Finances:

Creating a Personal Budget
A Sample Budget for a Family
Some Tips on Saving Money
18 Tips to Simplify Our Spending
A Muslim Perspective on Credit

See our Money Page for more info
Zakat Calculator

Develop your Will:

A 6-Step Guide to Making Your Will
A Sample General Will


Deals on Women videos
Quran Learning tools
Best Wedding Gifts & Packs
Deals on Quran & Science

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