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Peace, Justice and Forgiveness</font></b></font>

We pray for peace, justice and forgiveness in a world that has often become more violence-prone, angry and full of vengeance and retaliation. We also acknoweldge and support initiatives towards compassion, tolerance and understanding.

This page is dedicated to promote a discourse of peace, justice and forgiveness for all of those who are concerned for humanity. We pray that the painful lessons of unjust war and violence lead to better relations between humans of all faiths, races and ethnic groups.

The Quran on war, peace and justice
Iraqis Know What New Yorkers suffered during 9/11
Quotes from British MPs on Iraq Issue
U.S. Diplomat's Letter of Resignation
Islam: A 10-point primer
Muslims in America: Silent Once Again

Islamic book/audio/video list

What churches and different faith groups are doing for peace:

The United Methodist church
The National Council of Churches
Grassroots Voices
Episcopal Diocese of Chicago
Pax Christi USA

Stress management:

25 Tips on Dealing with Stress
A Page on Stress Management
Relaxation Techniques
What is stress?
Stress Management Techniques
Stress Management on Yahoo


Tips to liberate yourself from fear
Ending isolation: 9 Tips
Interfaith groups
Your Muslim neighbor
Thank non-Muslims

Christians in Muslim lands: a plea for justice

Peace activism:

We won't deny our consciences'
American Muslims have a 'special obligation'

A Widow's Plea For Peace
Violence doesn't work
Loved ones vs.war
A cry for hope
No war collective
Peace Tax Fund
Peace Action
The Building Bridges Campaign

Relief & Help:

A Crisis Care Package
Beyond Blame: curriculum for children
A social work perspective
Help the victims



Dealing with anger:
Anger and Dejection
Controlling Anger
How to handle anger


Islam on justice
Islam's True, Peaceful Face
The bond of nightmares

Defending Muslims
A Muslim's sympathy
Yusuf Islam
Hamza Yusuf
Soundvision visitors
President's remarks
Further Reflections

Other links:

Domestic violence

More voices for peace and justices

Name the detainees
Robert Fisk: My beating by refugees is a symbol of the hatred and fury of this filthy war

Security Tips:

911+1 Travel Advisory
For You & Masjid
24 safety tips for sisters
Develop a Phone Tree
FAQs about anthrax
How to handle anthrax
20 tips for Muslims while traveling


Duas for humanity on the one-year anniversary of 9/11
Duas for Muslims on the one-year anniversary of 9/11
Duas for individuals on the one-year anniversary of 9/11


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hassan balogun, nigeria - wrote on 4/3/2005 12:18:16 PM
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Comment: alhamdulillAh for sites like soundvision, which talks about issues like justice without prejudice. It is time muslim legal practitionals come together to encourage good deeds and forbid evil.that is the reason for extablishment of THE NIGERIAN ASSOCIATION OF MUSLIM LAW STUDENTS.the association is looking foward tofellow muslim brothes world wide

Tahneema, London, England - wrote on 12/19/2003 5:18:53 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment: Thank you for making certain islamic issues more clearer. You've given me a reference point that's easily accessed! Waassalam

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