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Please note, these are just some sources that you can refer to. However, we recommend you do much more additional research, although these publications and sites can serve as a starting point.

Still confused about Hijab? Want a more in-depth explanation? Below are some articles that can help:


1. Bullock, Katherine, Rethinking Muslim Women and The Veil
Detailed and Significant Study on the popular notion that the veil is a symbol of Muslim women's oppression


1. Ali, Mary C. The Question of Hijab: Suppression or Liberation

2. Badawi, Jamal. “The Parameters of Islamic Dress” in Journey Through Islam, Alyasa Abdullah, Asim Abdullah and Riza Mohammed (eds), Trinidad and Tobago: Islamic Dawah movement of Trinidad and Tobago, 1992.

3. Badawi, Jamal. The Muslim Woman's Dress according to the Quran and Sunnah.


1. http://umcc.ais.org/~islam/subject/women.html -this website has articles about women's issue from scholarly perspectives.

2. http://www.muslimsonline.com/bicnews/Ad-Darsh/27.9.96.htm-This is one Fatwa about Hijab by the late Shaykh Syed ad Darsh.

3. http://www.inminds.com/hijab-ban

This web site is for the campaign against the ban on Hijab and the for the freedom of prisoners of faith in Turkey.

More on Hijab

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