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Muslim Teacher

Why We're Launching This Publication?

Sound Vision's mission is "Helping Tomorrow's Muslims Today" and to fulfill this mission we have produced countless multimedia products. We are launching this new online newsletter that is focused on providing guidance and resources to teachers of Muslim children and youth.

Our audience includes educators in full-time Muslim schools, weekend and after school Islamic studies programs, public schools, as well as homeschooling parents. We hope to empower Muslim educators and teachers, who are one of the main stakeholders in the development of Muslim youth, with essential tools and ideas on regular basis.

Young Muslims today face tremendous pressures. These pressures arise from a variety of sources: adjusting to a culture different from their parents' culture, living and working in environments often hostile to Islamic values, facing outright prejudice that results from the constant negative portrayal of Muslims in the media.

These pressures can be clearly traced in statistics that have recently been gathered in New York City:

  • 12% Muslim students in public schools have doubts about Islam & 29% sometimes use a non-Muslim sounding name (Columbia University)
  • 28% of Muslim students report being stopped by police as a result of racial profiling
  • 7% said they have been physically assaulted
    We can deduce that Muslim youth are likely to feel even greater pressures in suburban areas which do not have the diversity present in large urban centers.

These pressures can have dire consequences for Muslim youth: many conceal their Islamic identities, some youth have left Islam entirely, 16% consume alcohol & 24% smoke, and in urban settings some have joined gangs.

Our Objectives:

Our newsletter will strive to give educators some tools with which to prepare Muslim youth to deal with these pressures. The goals of the Muslim Teacher Newsletter are as follows:

  • To empower Muslim teachers, who are crucial stakeholders in the development of Muslim youth, with tips and resources by professionals in the field.
  • To increase networking and share experiences, success stories and ideas among Muslim teachers across North America so that we all grow together learning from each other to serve Muslims and our neighbors in a better way for Allah’s pleasure.
  • To establish Muslim experts in the field of education across North America to become a resource on these topics for all who want to consult them

How You Can Help:

We hope you join us in this endeavor. You can support this effort by

  • subscribing to the newsletter and encouraging fellow teachers to subscribe,
    contributing articles for the newsletter; we specially encourage you to write for our “My Classroom” feature,
  • sharing your original lesson-plans,
  • utilizing the discussion features on our website to exchange ideas with other teachers, and
  • submitting questions to our panel of experts and veteran teachers.

Sara Mujahid & Saba Syed

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