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How Shared Experiences Can Enhance Your Lessons

intervisitationMaking Curriculum Connections Through Inter-Visitation
By Yahiya Emerick

Our colleagues are a storehouse of tried and tested knowledge and best practices. Within the four walls of this building are accumulated years’ worth of solutions to any problem or issue related to the classroom. If our staff got together and collectively designed a new teacher training program, it would be the equal – nay, the better - of most college training programs. It is time to unlock that hidden potential and rekindle the spirit of innovation that led all of us to teaching in the first place.

There’s a fancy term called inter-visitation, and it means exactly what it says. To gain insight into curriculum design and implementation, to find new ways of managing your class, to understand how students respond to different types of instruction, visiting the classroom of your peers provides a wealth of opportunity to see a variety of strategies under a microscope, so to speak.
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MyClassroom: "Save the Muslim Girl"

Again and again, young adult literature depicts Muslim women and girls in stereotypes of oppression and victimization. Re-Thinking Schools Magazine invites educators to deconstruct these stereotypes and to teach students a “more complicated truth.” See the “Save the Muslim Girl" article.


Network with English Teachers

Jim Burke, author of the English Teacher's Companion created this network for teachers of English. The website is a great tool for serious discussion, feedback and support from fellow teachers. Check it out: English Companion Ning.

Freda Shamma Freda Shamma Receives the ISNA Lifetime Achievement Award
By Meha Ahmad

Dining in a banquet hall at the Weston Hotel in Rosemont, surrounded by fellow educators and supporters, Sr. Shamma had no idea she was about to win the ISNA Lifetime Achievement Award for her years of service to Islamic education and curriculum development. When her name came on screen, she was shocked.

“I saw my name flash and it was me,” Shamma, who resides in Ohio, said. “And I thought, ‘None of my family is here.’” But to her surprise, they were. On stage to present their mother with the award was Shamma’s five children.. Read More >

Rukhsana Khan When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Writer
By Naazish Yar Khan

Rukhsna Khan herself is a cause for celebration. Not only is she talented mainstream writer, but because her stories are about Muslims and their causes, she provides young Muslims with characters they can identify with, and at the same time, offers non-Muslims a better understanding of their Ramadan observing, Jumaah praying, halal eating, hijab/ jilbab wearing neighbors.

Her stories range from heartbreaking—Roses in my Carpet—to the wacky—Silly Chicken and Ruler of the Courtyard. . Read More >

1001 Inventions and The Library of Secrets: Award Winning Film
1001 Inventions

Every young Muslim needs a boost! In our media environment, Muslim youth are bombarded with negative messages about our faith and the history of our community. Its vital that they know about the heights of learning Muslims have achieved.

“1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets” is a short movie which introduces some of the greatest achievements of Islamic learning. It was made to accompany the 1001 Inventions touring exhibit which is currently at the Science Museum in London. Watch & Read More >

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